NKX Flash Inflatable SUP 12.6" - Black


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  • In this complete SUP-package you get SUP board, fin, paddle, leash, pump, and a spacious bag.
  • This is a complete starter package with EVERYTHING you need to get started
  • Size: 12.6"
  • Colour: Black


This is a complete starter package with EVERYTHING you need to get started. NKX Flash is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board that suites beginners and intermediate level paddlers. The board is lighter than most SUPs and can be easily carried on your back. The SUP board is a so-called touring board that is fast and stable. Boards of the touring-shape is ideal for long distance SUPing but is also fun for your kids to play with. The SUP can be used on open water, rivers, and lakes.

In this complete SUP-package you get SUP board, fin, paddle, leash, pump, and a spacious bag.

The shape of a touring board is wide at the middle and pointy at the nose. This shape is very popular because the wide width helps the rider to keep the board in balance and the pointy nose cuts through the water to reach high speeds. Originally, the touring shape was intended for long distance tours on challenging open waters. Today, the SUP community has discovered that this shape, actually is a perfect fit for beginners and people advancing their skills. The beginner needs stability which the wide width provides and as they are progressing their skills, they will appreciate the ability to reach higher speeds.

NKX Flash is built with strength, stiffness, and stability in focus. The board is constructed with double PVC-plastic rails (sides). Double rails consist of a mandatory innermost side-layer that seals the top and bottom layers. A second and wider outer rail-layer strengthens the seals and stiffens the construction. Therefore, the sides of a double rail SUP can withstand much more scratches and beatings without puncturing. Moreover, the board holds pressure much better than regular SUPs (often up to several months, when stored at a constant temperature and in the shade). Safety on the water is high and the risk of puncture is low. A towing device in the front is attached in case of an accident.

With the reinforced construction, NKX Flash can hold incredibly high pressures. We recommend that you pump your sup to the upper limit to achieve maximum stiffness and the full SUP experience - for it is at extreme pressures the board shows its full potential. Do not be afraid to pump your SUP too much - NKX Flash can handle much more than you could ever imagine.

The Fin of NKX Flash is a real SUP-fin. The fin is relatively deep (21cm) and with more rake (backwards angle) to smooth out turns. The fin is placed centrally and without speed reducing side fins. NKX Flash has a regular US-fin box in which you can move the fin forwards and backwards to adjust the responsiveness of the board. You also have the ability to change to another fin of your choice.

The SUP package includes an elementary three-piece aluminum paddle with slight offset that gives an effective angle of attack in the water. The blade is hard plastic. The paddle can easily be disassembled and stored in the bag or car. The paddle can be adjusted in height with a quick release. In the package you will also find a safety-leash that keeps you close to the board in case you fall in. The pump is an effective double action pump that blows air both when pulling and pushing the handle. All the above-mentioned gear can be stored and carried along in the spacious bag that is also included.

Size: 12'6


  • Flat water ★★★★★
  • Waves 0-50 cm ★★★★★
  • Waves 50-200 cm ★★★☆☆
  • 2 People ★★★★☆
  • SUP Tracking ★★★★★
  • Race ★★★★★
  • Stability ★★★★★
  • Maneuverability ★★★★★
  • Stiffness ★★★★★
  • CE-marking EN ISO 25649-1:2017
  • Dimensions: 12'6
  • Length: 381 cm
  • Width: 81 cm
  • Thickness: 15 cm
  • Volume: 340 L
  • Weight: 9,2 kg
  • Deck Pad: Yes
  • Construction Single Skin Double Rail
  • Inflatable Chamber: Single
  • Fins included: 1
  • Recommended Load: 60-120 kg
  • Max load: 180 kg
  • Max Recommended Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Paddle: Included
  • Pump: Included, Dual Action Pump
  • Leash: Included
  • Reparation kit: Included
  • Bag Included
  • Front Towing D-Ring: Yes
  • Bag Size 41 x 28 x 87 cm
Colour: Black

Additional Information

GS 60mm No
Brand No
Colour Black
Wheel Hardness No
upc 5713525067247
width No
length No
height No
Compression Type No
Bar Height No
Scooter Height No
Wheel_Size No

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