Roller Derby Bundle Packs

Why not save money and buy your items in a pack?? Great offers!! IMPORTANT GoSk8 Advice 1. If your pack contains R3 Derby Skates you will need to upgrade the stoppers to Round ones such as Moonwalker's or Gumball's as the standard stoppers you get on the R3 skates are no use for Derby. 2. We Strongly recommend you to upgrade your knee pads when purchasing your freshmeat pack or asap to mid range Scabs Crown/187 or to Scabs Elite/187 Pro. 3. Remember as you advance in Roller Derby your knees, wrists & head are more prone to injury which can easily be avoided by upgrading to Pro safety gear and replacing any damaged gear, this is more so important for your helmet, any hard impact with your's it should be replaced single impact or multi-impact as the structure which keeps your brain safe could be compromised. 4. Often over looked, it is important to keep your mouthguard clean and should be replaced at least every 6 months for hygiene reasons. 5. Have plenty of fun!! Roller Derby is a fun competitive sport and should be enjoyed ;) If you have anything you would like to add we would love to hear from you Thank you for being here and enjoy our site ;)

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