Privacy Policy


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018. It concerns every company who processes the personal data of EU citizens. The regulation builds on existing data protection laws and broadens citizens power to access, remove, update and control how their data is processed by companies such as GoSk8, they have extra responsibilities to this data under GDPR and within this statement, we clarify our position on the key points.

To make it easy reading we have pointed out below how your data is used and what data is kept when you register on our site:

  • Details you provide on registration such as address and contact info.
  • Strictly your data is never shared with any third party*
  • Financial info such as Credit card info is never stored on any of our systems unless specifically requested by you on an individual basis temporarily.
  • Your email address may be used to send you order info, marketing info or product review requests for GoSk8
  • Your phone number may be used to contact you regarding an order you placed or a query regarding the product you purchased.
  • *Your address and contact number is passed on to couriers in order for them to deliver your order only

For more information about the GDPR, please see and These websites have both been produced by the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland.

Some of the more commonly known elements of the GDPR are: The right to be forgotten, data portability and the right to rectification.

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is the new legal framework that will come into effect on May 25, 2018 in the EU.

Building on current data protection laws, GDPR gives every business a new set of obligations and every consumer strengthened rights regarding their data.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your data or if you want your data removed completely from our system.